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Our History

Our mission at St. Joseph Assisted Living Centre (ALC) is deeply rooted in the words of Jesus found in the gospel of St. Matthew 25:40, "As long as you did it to the least of my brethren you did it to me". Inspired by these words of Jesus our founder Servant of God Joseph Panjikaran experienced Gods love and mercy in his hearts. He desired to share this merciful love of the Heavely Father to the least of the brethren. We should witness Christ through the compassionate love, life giving presence and selfless services. Our passion for Jesus flow out as compassion for humanity. Be an angel of consolation, mystic activist and change agent on our earthly pilgrimage. .

St. Joseph assisted living centre (ALC) was started on 14/08/2012. This facility is owned and managed by the medical sisters of St. Joseph, St Thomas province. Here we admit people both male and female above 50 years. We focus on continuous improvement of the residence by providing compassionate care of physical, spiritual and emotional level. The service of experienced nurses, caretakers are available round the clock.

About Us

Medical Sisters of St. Joseph (Dharmagiri) is a Religious Congregation dedicated to St. Joseph, started in the year 1944 October 31st by Servant of God Rev. Msgr. Joseph Panjikaran. On 19th February 1990 the Congregation was raised to the status of a Pontifical Congregation and on 5th August 1994 the Congregation was divided into four Provinces for administrative effectiveness. This Congregation is the fruit of the deep- God experience and the merciful love of our Founder. The aim of the Congregation is to provide total healthcare effectively and efficiently through its dedicated members, without any discrimination of caste, creed, sex or age in society. MSJ Sisters are committed to extend the compassionate love of Jesus Christ through hospitals, dispensaries, primary health centre, mobile clinics, Centre for physically, mentally, and socially challenged people, Para-medical training Centers, care for elderly persons(residential and non residential), orphanage, home for the destitute, etc.


This Centre was started in 1989 with the concept of holistic approach to heal the total person, that is, body, mind and spirit. This is a nonprofit and registered Trust, formed by the Medical Sisters of St. Joseph and is approved by the ministry of home affairs. We started a new wing on 14/08/2012 named St. Joseph’s Assisted Living Centre for giving long-term care.


Who We Are


St. Joseph's Assisted Living Centre is recognised and certified by Board of Control for Orphanages and Other Charitable Homes, Kerala. We are bound to comply with the rules and regulations for the old age homes. This centre bridges the gap for elderly individuals with ample finances but lacking familial care. While residents maintain autonomy, dedicated staff provide assistance with daily tasks, fostering a fulfilling and supported lifestyle in their later years.

Natural Serenity

St. Joseph’s Assisted Living is situated in a 5-acre nature-centric environment offers tranquility and relaxation. Our premises are totally free from alcohol, smoking, and all other addictive drugs.

Medical Expertise

Run by Medical Sisters, the centre features Physiotherapy, Allopathic and Ayurveda hospitals for residents' health.


Daily prayers twice a day, we celebrate holy mass twice a week in our Chapel and Chapel is open all the time for the residents.

Community Engagement

Residents live with dedicated staff, fostering a sense of community through shared activities and meals.

Holistic Care

Comprehensive care encompasses medical, emotional, spiritual needs, aiming for a dignified, peaceful life.

Nourishment and Well-being

Nutritious meals, recreation, and spiritual support enhance well-being, instilling belongingness and self-worth in residents.


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