Mode Of Life


Housing Accommodations

Comprehensive housing services are available to all residents throughout their life at the Centre Applicants have a free choice of any of the following two types of housing / accommodations, subject to the availability of rooms.
Single Room Sharing Room

Building a Family Atmosphere

To maintain a good family atmosphere the residents should live in mutual love, friendship and respect and shall use their God-given health and ability by voluntarily engaging in small jobs / works for the organization and thereby support the welfare of our society.

Fostering Amity and Unity

To cultivate and develop amity and unity among themselves, the residents shall try to co-operate with each other and join together for prayers, food, games, entertainment and other activities.

Punctuality and Routine Activities

All residents should be punctual in their routine activities at the Institution including food, prayers etc.

Responsibility for Center Property

Every resident handling good/s or article/s of the Centre whether big or small, shall be responsible for the safe custody and preservation of such goods / or articles in good condition, as if they belong to them.

Prohibited Activities

Smoking, drinking alcohol and betel-chewing, playing cards for money within the Centre etc., are strictly prohibited.

Outings with Permission

Outings with family members / friends are permitted with prior permission.

Religious Services and Freedom of Faith

Only Christian religious services are provided in this centre. People of other religions/ creed, are free to privately practice their own faiths within the campus, and/ or to go to their places of worship outside the campus, with their family member/s, or assisted by some responsible person/s. they are also free to join in the prayers/ services conducted in the Centre, if they want to.

Funeral Rites Responsibility

The persons responsible are expected to take care of the funeral rites of the person who dies here. The Centre does not have any facility for the funeral of the residents.

Discipline and Code of Conduct

The Centre reserves with it every right to dismiss resident/s who indulge in serious acts of indiscipline, objectionable behavior and/or any other act/s that disturb the peaceful atmosphere of the centre.

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