Rules & Regulations


Application of Rules and Regulations

Every applicant admitted as residents of St. Joseph’s Assisted Living Centre shall strictly follow the Rules and Regulations of the Centre.

Amendment of Rules and Regulations

The Rules and Regulations of registration of residents will be subject to the changes effected from time to time by the authorities in accordance with the change in time and circumstance.

Visitors Rules

Visitor Policy and Accommodations

To maintain continuous contact with the resident’s family and others, visitors are allowed on all days before 6pm. Residents shall use the visitors room for this purpose. If anybody wants to stay overnight, rooms and food will be provided on payment.

Permission for Leaving the Center

Prior special permission from the authorities is required before going out of the Centre. Likewise, the authorities concerned shall be informed on return.

Home Visits and Responsible Relatives

Residents who desire to visit their houses as per their requirements or wishes, shall be allowed to do so. But no inmate will be allowed to go home unless a responsible relative comes to take him / her and agrees to bring him / her back.

Independent Travel Authorization

Residents who desire to travel on their own should obtain written permission from their relative/s responsible. Such residents should also give a written undertaking to the Centre to the effect that he / she is fully responsible for his / her safety. But in no case shall permission be granted unless urgent need / emergency arise.

Death and Funeral Rules

Handling Deceased Residents

On the death of any resident at the Centre, it is the responsibility of the family to take their body to their native place.

Contact Information for Nearest Relatives

The address and telephone number/s of the nearest relative/s is to be provided.

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